<p><span style='color: #ffffff'><strong>JOE KRAFT for President of Westlake City Council</strong></span></p>

Joe Kraft for Council President

New Leadership for all of Westlake



As a professional financial advisor for Fortune 100 firms, Joe Kraft understands complex budgets, economic drivers and how to maximize funds by staying on top of emerging, yet proven trends.


As a world traveler and a longtime Westlake resident, Joe Kraft brings a new perspective to local government. Being open to new ideas and best practices from around the world is critical, almost as critical as listening to the community.

Future focused

With experience as a Westlake School board member while the district planned and executed a master plan to build one new consolidated elementary, Joe Kraft knows how to turn plans into reality. 

It’s not enough to just show up, Joe Kraft gets things done for Westlake:
  • Westlake Schools board member, instrumental in creating the plan and passing the bond issue to build a new elementary school
  • Chair of Autism Speaks Walk for 4 years raising hundreds of thousands of dollar
  • Saint Clarence Helping Hands leader, TMIY leader and PSR teacher
  • Westlake Demons Athletic Booster and Westlake Music Booster
  • Former treasurer, Westlake PTA
  • Former Board member, Hattie Larlham
  • Board member, Milestones Autism Resources


Tues. Nov. 7th

Vote Joe Kraft for Council President

New leadership for all of Westlake


Joe Kraft’s Priorities for Westlake

☑ Create enduring partnerships with the community organizations that enhance our quality of life and help retain and attract families and investment by businesses

☑ Improve 2 way communications between city leadership and residents, businesses and city workers

☑ Ensure a business-friendly environment for entrepreneurs, retailers, service industry, healthcare, technology and manufacturers

☑ Reduce vacant properties that could be the home to our future employers

☑ Protect high quality city services - responsive and innovative police and fire, consistent leaf and snow removal

☑ Address our water and flooding issues by working with neighboring communities to explore options


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